Jessica Rae

Art Maker and Performer

Photo by Maxime Tremblay

Photo by Maxime Tremblay


Grit n Gusto is Jessica Rae's madcap world of art and performance. 

On stage, Jessica Rae weaves puppetry, tap dance and burlesque to create character-driven acts bursting with energy. A truly diverse performer, she can tap dance with vigor to anything from Chick Webb to The Cramps, jump into the splits while delivering a fierce burlesque act or play at the juncture of cute and macabre with her adorably morbid puppets. Or maybe you’ll see her combine all three! Whatever the performance, Jessica will draw you in to her madcap world and unleash the unexpected. 

As an art maker, she brings characters and creations to life through puppets and sculpture. 

Grit n Gusto is her habitat of bizarre, a realm for those who prefer to fuck with the order of things.